Sometimes you just want to know more. We have listed below some of the most common questions that we get asked and hope that if you have any other questions then you will contact us to setup a meeting.

Exactly what is management consulting? More importantly, how can it help me?

We are a highly experienced boutique consulting firm based out of Toronto, with expertise in operations management, strategy and technology. We’re industry agnostic, but have deep experience in consumer packaged goods, agriculture, manufacturing and logistics.

Our clients range from the occasional startup all the way to Fortune 500’s like 3M, Microsoft, HP, etc. with most of our solutions having a technology component.

We specialize in operations management; being retained as trusted advisers, process review, technical audits, efficiency identification, or facilitating completion of projects or custom solutions and automation. Read through this site, specifically the EXPERTISE page to learn more.

Let’s setup a quick 30 minute meeting to discuss what we can do for your business.

Is my project applicable?

Our engagements are typically based around strategic research, subject matter analysis, business development, marketing, training, technology, financial analysis and operational or organizational improvement.

How much is it going to cost?

Our fees are determined with the client after determining the size and scope of the project as well as the value that is being provided. We bill by the project, not by the hour, as it is not fair to clients to simply let the clock run when the problem can be solved sooner rather than later.

In cases where a lot of investigative work is required and we cannot determine the value of the project with the client, we may simply charge for time and materials.

Our stated fee is complete. We never charge for local travel, long distance phone calls, postage, photocopying or other administrative fees.

Can you provide us with onsite resources as well as work remotely?

Yes – our experts are able to work onsite with your project team as well as remotely. The determination as where, how and when the work is performed is agreed upon with you in accordance with the deliverables and takeaways. Each engagement is different, and each requires a balance of onsite and offsite work.

Can we be sure of receiving quality work?

We have an exceptional track record and all of our work is guaranteed. If at anytime you are unsatisified that the quality of our work does not meet what we promised, we will issue a full refund of all fees.

Why should we use you over our in-house resources?

There are often times where in-house resources are limited and an exciting project idea may be left unattended or need additional brainpower. Perhaps you have projects requiring a professional with specialist knowledge or local market expertise. The experts at TACPART works with you in each of these areas and provide the resources to complement, not replace, your existing staff.