Focusing on critical issues and opportunities

“ At TACPART, our revolutionary approach is to solve problems for clients by partnering for a specific time and task and delivering immediate results.”

Mr. Micheal LoPatriello


  1. look at the business from a chief executive’s perspective
  2. ask the right questions
  3. dig deep into the numbers
  4. build a custom approach
  5. improve the client’s condition


Put the client’s interest first

Consistently delivering more than what’s expected but not simply doing whatever is asked of us.

Be discreet and maintain confidentiality

Never disclosing sensitive information and not promoting our work without consent allows us to focus on the success of our clients.

Tell the brutally honest truth

Being independent means that we can disagree. It also means that you’re not hiring a team of yes men.

Why Choose Us?

  •  We’re compensated on an agreed upon value for each project so that our clients are not forced to be “on the clock”.

  • We guarantee our services and offer a full refund should the quality of our services fall short.

  • We help our clients make real and measurable improvements to their performance and their business.